Jamie Molnar: An eye for stories

Hallie Harvey
Newfield High School
From a very young age, 17 year-old aspiring journalist Jamie Molnar has always had an affinity for writing.
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Jamie Molnar

Jamie Molnar

Hallie Harvey
Newfield High School

From a very young age, Jamie Molnar has always had an affinity for writing.

Jamie, a 17-year-old aspiring journalist from Southold High School, discovered writing when she was only in kindergarten. “We used to write stories on lined paper that left a box at the top to draw a picture to go with the story, and I used to do that all the time,”  Jamie said.

Jamie became enthralled in these pieces, and began to show more interest in them than other kids in her class. Jamie’s loose-leaf stories stood out to her teacher, Mr. Scroope, who told Jamie’s parents about them. “He knew that she was going to be a writer,” said Jamie’s mom, Lisa said.

Jamie recalled her early forays into literature. “My teacher told my parents that they were really good for a kid my age. Even at home I would fold up construction paper and write ‘books’,” adding that she still has them.

“She was always very organized and creative,” Lisa Molnar said.

Later, in high school, Jamie started writing for her school newspaper, The Sentinel.

Jamie said she gained inspiration from her teachers. Her newspaper advisor, Mr. Stahl, has given her the courage to pursue what she loves. Before critiquing, or giving advice on what to improve, Jamie said he starts off by saying, “ ‘When you’re a successful and famous journalist…’ or something along those lines,” Jamie said.

Jamie cites reading The New Yorker as one of her influences. “Reading that magazine is what got me interested in global news, international affairs, a little politics, and culture. Some of the great, thought-provoking articles I find in The New Yorker inspire my love for journalism. Hopefully one day I will have the privilege of working there.”

Jamie said that she is more familiar with the print aspects of journalism, but is open to the idea of learning more about other forms of journalism within the Robert W. Greene program at Stony Brook University. “I don’t like reading articles on computers, or books for that matter. I also never had much access to the video/media aspect, but I am interested in learning about it at the Robert W. Greene program!” she wrote in an email.

“I discovered the program when it was mentioned on the announcements at school that there were applications for it in the guidance office. To be honest, whenever journalism is mentioned, my eyes light up, so I really wanted to apply,” she said. “I’m still excited to attend and meet new people.” Jamie said the program is a great opportunity to test her abilities and realize if she could pursue journalism.

Jamie said she is using the program in order to gain experience and see if journalism is the right path for her. Jamie even has a backup plan.

“I do plan on studying journalism in college, but just in case that path doesn’t work out, I will also most likely minor in communications so that I can pursue another career in the industry,” she said.

“Journalism to me means uncovering everything about the story you are writing and relaying that information to your audience, all while expressing yourself through your style, perspectives, and opinions.”