Sascha Rosin: Have camera, will travel

By Alex Gelabert
Oyster Bay High School
A senior at Mattituck Junior/Senior High School with a record of academic excellence, Sascha Rosin is torn between seemingly incompatible career paths: marine biology and journalism.
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Sascha Rosin

By Alex Gelabert
Oyster Bay High School

Sascha Rosin is torn between seemingly incompatible career paths: marine biology and journalism.

“I think biology is super interesting … it’s something I really enjoy studying,” said Sascha, a 17-year-old from Mattituck.“I [also] really, really like to write.”

Whichever occupation she chooses, she is likely to have multiple opportunities. The senior at Mattituck Junior/Senior High School has a record off academic excellence and after-school involvement. On top of taking rigorous AP and honors level courses, Sascha is secretary of her high school’s chapter of the Art National Honor Society, and member of the National Honor Society. She also plays the French horn and trumpet in two bands.

Additionally, Sascha’s academic prowess began when she learned to read at a young age. “Once I started reading, I wanted to try and [write],” said Sascha. “For me to come home [from elementary school] and be the amazing writer of the family was pretty cool.” In fact, Sascha keeps a little journal to “remember specific days” and “communicate her thoughts very clearly.”

As much as she likes to write, photography is her primary focus. “My school only has one [small] photography class,” Sascha said. “I took it in tenth grade to get more information, but there’s a lot more I figured out by myself [outside of school].”

Wherever her interests take her, Sascha has the full support of her family. Sascha’s mother is a bus driver. Her father, who died three years ago, was an electrician. “I want to be the first one in my family to really make it big,” Sascha said. Brown University is her “dream school.”

When school lets out for the summer, Sascha fills her time with booster club work and practicing music.

The most important community service Sascha takes on is at East End Hospice in Westhampton Beach. Sascha hosts its Camp Big Grief for five days.

“The group puts together a camp for kids that lost someone important in their lives,” Sascha explained. “I went for a week as a camper and then for the next two years I’ve been a counselor.”

This experience has allowed Sascha to watch children in the program grow and become kids again.

Sascha’s peers in the Robert W. Greene Institute for High School Journalists at Stony Brook University attest to her character and work ethic.“She’s awesome!” said Greene Team member Brianne Ledda. “She’s very well-spoken. Her photography skills are off the wall.”

The possibility of a career in photojournalism became more appealing during a vacation to France in June and July. Sascha described the trip as “…perfect for photography. That’s hopefully why I want to go into journalism: to travel, to see the world.”

She hopes the program at Stony Brook will help her decide if she wants to pursue journalism.

“If I could study marine biology and write a report on it and get it published, that would be one of the coolest things.”