It’s only been 4 days?!

Am I the only one that feels like it has been more than four days? To be honest, I feel like we have been here for at least a week. Wednesday alone felt as if it were 2 days in one. We started the morning with going out to the TV studio at Stony Brook University, where everyone got to try a little of everything. For me, that was the best experience I have had during this whole program. After being an anchor, or being the floor manager, or weather anchor, or even in the control room, we went back to the newsroom to brainstorm ideas for the Ducks game. BUT WAIT…we still have something before the Ducks game!

After we brainstormed, we took a trip to Newsday and had a tour of the printing area, and as well as the offices of the reporters. There are so many professions in journalism! I don’t know which one I would want to choose. After the tour, we headed over to the Ducks game in Central Islip. We didn’t get to watch the game, but I had an even better experience video taping B-roll and just watching the interviews of fans and their love for baseball. The Ducks game ended with a huge fireworks show, full of sound and pretty colors. Wednesday was definitely one of the longest and tiring days of my life, but it was one of the most enjoyable. I wish we had more trip days.