Quick update

It’s nearing the end of our third day (our second full day) and I thought I should update on a few things that’ve happened today.

We ate breakfast, I read the New York Times (I think I enjoyed reading the Wall Street Journal yesterday morning more) and had a cup of yogurt. Riveting stuff.

We were assigned our teams for the week and were told which stories we’d be covering. My team consists of Emily, Peter, and Jamie, who’s sitting to my left at this very moment. We’re covering the Ducks game (but so is everyone else), the new all-gender bathrooms in SBU, and the Pokemon Go app. I’m pretty happy with our story assignments- they seem like interesting things to cover.

We also had another photo session, which focused on portraits. Hallie and I partnered up and took a pretty big variety of fun portrait photos.

This girl is both photogenic *and* full of flexible talents, which made for a fun photoshoot.

I really like the photos included, and I think there are some others on her camera that I took that also came out really good.

After eating lunch, my team prepared for an interview we had with Jxhn Martin for the bathroom article. We researched LGBTQ issues and all-gender bathrooms in order to try to acquaint ourselves with the subject. We then headed out to the interview, which went really well, and came back to try to plan out our attack on the 3 different assignments. We decided to wait until we had our main interview for the bathroom project, instead trying to figure out how to attack the Pokemon Go article – our angle? Businesses using the app to profit. We’ll see how it goes.

Our interview with Jxhn, a bright and lively subject.

After dinner, we came back, I edited some photos, and we had another lesson in news reporting and how to edit videos for a segment on Final Cut. I worked on the footage we took yesterday, where we made an elevator game show. It’s coming along.

The day’s pretty much over and it didn’t feel as tiring as yesterday. Maybe I’m getting used to all this activity.