Day 5

Having a good time here at the Greene program still. These stories are incredibly fun to cover and I love having this new taste of journalism. My filming skills have increased, I’m looking forward to putting all the parts of the story together with my team, especially the writing.

Yesterday we went on our trip to the Long Island Ducks game. It was definitely the most fun I’ve had so far during this program, Mehek, Alexa and I took a lot of great shots and Hallie and I had some interviews with tons of devoted and humorous Ducks fans.

The coach bus was also a fun time. Michelle and I played our favorite songs on a loud speaker on the way back. It was definitely one of the most indelible parts of the program so far, looking forward to more memories.

I can’t wait to do my last interview with Ruchi Shah on Friday and finish all that is needed for the Greene Gazette and see it all on the website in its final form … #greeneteam2016