Let me just start by saying that I love this camp. If I had to pick one adjective to describe it, I would choose the word ‘new’. Staple that word to everything. Sharing a dorm with four other girls? That’s new. A Mac computer with two screens? That’s new too. But I have to say, … Continue reading “New.”


The Ducks game was a blast. We were told that we weren’t there to watch baseball — as though baseball is more interesting than running around with cameras* and interviewing really cool people. Initially, the interviews weren’t going well. Nobody was really willing to speak to me.¬†After about two failed attempts, Professor Ahmad asked how … Continue reading “Quack”

Battling baseball boredom

By Brianne Ledda and Alicia Renda
Miller Place High School and Division Avenue High School
The pace of baseball games has been dragging so significantly that the Atlantic League introduced a new Pace of Play policy, meant to shave off unneeded minutes. At Bathpage Ballpark, there have been noticeable drops in the length of nine-inning Ducks games.
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