By Wei Ye Ng

To prepare for the Long Island Ducks baseball game Tuesday night, we practiced taking shots and interviews. Some examples of this include how to take portraits of people with a digital camera, and using the rule of thirds for interviewing them on video. When we got to the stadium, it was full of people ready to watch the Ducks. Each team had to take a certain role, like interviewing people or handling the camera. We mainly focused on getting B-roll and interviews since we can’t get enough B-roll and should at least get four to five interviews. One of the biggest problems my team encountered (or what I think) was interviewing people near the speakers. During the interviews, the speakers would go off and I think the mic couldn’t catch the person’s voice. We couldn’t review the footage so I’m scared that we don’t have good interviews. I was able to hear the person’s voice during the interview so I should feel more confident of the video. Overall, this was my first baseball game and I had a lot of fun. I also got a foam finger as a souvenir.

Ducks game
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