Greene Team Students @ a Duck’s Baseball Game

By Sydnee Johnson

Today was great day as we began our day with news over breakfast as we do every morning. Then we went back to the newsroom here at SBU and began our Part 2 of learning how to do photography with still cameras with photo editor John Williams from Newsday. Shortly after we had an early lunch at 11:30 because today was trip day and we went to Newsday which I think was so great and interesting because we got to learn about the history of Newsday and how it came about and the type of people that worked there and who worked there. We also got to meet nice people that work there too.

Last but not least, the exciting part of the day where we got actually go out to a Long Island Ducks baseball game and used what everyone has taught us so far, like interviewing the Ducks fans, taking shots with the still cameras, taking B-roll clips with the video cameras and tripods. I think today was a very productive day overall and we go to go on two trips in one, which I think was great. Then, after we were done with all our hard working we got to eat, actually watch what was left of the game and then, after the game was finished, there were fireworks, which were so great.

Ducks game day & A look behind the scenes @ Newsday
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