By Coby Shapiro

Monday night we went back to the newsroom and we had lesson on video. I loved it because I love video but I didn’t have too much knowledge of interviewing and B-roll. Tuesday came and we started out by taking portraits of each other outside. Joe and I started off by trying to take portraits of each other and then moved over to taking portraits of each other. I was amazed how easy it was to get a picture focused and how easy it was for me to get a good picture. I did find some of the different ways to control your picture in different light difficult because I would change it to what made sense based on what we learned. But it always seemed to be a little too dark or too bright. My plan for future portraits is to study more of the details of what you can do with the camera like the ISO before hand. After lunch, we went back to the newsroom and Jordan Lauterbach from Newsday spoke to us about his sports articles and what he does. He writes articles about the Mets, LI Ducks, and did boxing and lacrosse once.

Monday night video and Tuesday
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