By Ashley Collado

How I was feeling going into the beginning of Day 1 here at Stony Brook can be explained in one simple phrase: excitement mixed with the nerves of going to a new place meeting new people.

I’ve stayed away from home before, but usually for four days max during marching band championship weekend – never for a whole week. My parents dropped me off, helped me get settled in, and left early since they had to be somewhere soon. It didn’t hit me that I truly was on my own and going to be somewhat independent until all the other kids’ parents left. That’s when the hidden anxiousness of how real my situation was awakened.

I was anxious that I wouldn’t make many friends. I had already became friends with Wei, the person I had to write a bio for prior to my week at the Greene program, and I knew Kyria from school. Other than that I was lost.

I ended up surprisingly making friends very easily and I can honestly say the people I’ve had the chance to talk to during the presentation by Zack and Cathrine were nothing short of amazing.

The highlight of my day had to be the volleyball game we all played after eating pizza. There were two teams: Canada vs. Zimbabwe. I was a part of Team Canada and, as someone who usually hates participating in any sport, I had so much fun meeting loads of new people and playing a friendly game of volleyball.

To sum up the game could be done using the word “COMMUNICATION!!” (courtesy of Adelyn) and the immense clapping for all players whenever a ball would be hit (whether it was in or out).

After volleyball, we all went back to our rooms to shower and get ready for bed. As I was nowhere near tired yet, I walked around to become familiar with the dorms with Maia until we ended up visiting Adelyn and Gabrielle’s room with Danielle and played a nerve-racking game of a knock-off-version of Jenga for awhile.

When preparing for this trip, I had no idea how my first day would be like. All I know now, after experiencing today, is that I’m definitely not ready to go home Saturday.

A great first day
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