By Coby Shapiro

We got on to a nice coach bus with Wi-Fi and headed over the Newsday building. Once there, we got a tour and learned a lot of the history of the paper. I was shocked to hear that the paper was started by Alicia Patterson who was married to Harry Guggenheim. Harry Guggenheim helped start it because it would help keep Alicia Patterson busy and he also never thought it would actually become such a paper it is today. We then went into a room where three different journalists with different amounts of experience spoke to us about what they do and gave tips such as always ask at the end of the interview do you have anything else you want to say. Another tip they gave was to try not to be intimidating or else they might not be willing to give an interview or send you a story next time. They also said that you have to remember that they are not being interviewed by you, they are being interviewed by Newsday and the hundreds of thousands of readers everyday. After the interviews, we headed back to our coach bus and we went to the Long Island Ducks. At the game, we started to record our packages on different things about the Ducks. My group decided to work on a package about how the Ducks had 43 – 43 record and we wanted to see how people reacted and what they would suggest for the team in the future. We also took some B-roll and pictures to fill in the video with more footage. Then, after interviewing for a while, we ate and watched the end of the game, which the Ducks won 6-1,and then we stayed for the fireworks show at the end. Overall, I had a great day and I was very intrigued to learn the history of Newsday. I loved the baseball game because I love baseball and I love making videos and it was great to take the two and put them together.

Newsday and the Ducks game
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