Ernie the pig sits atop the shelf of my desk. (Picture by Janet Song)

By Janet Song

My first day at the Greene Gazette program has gone fine, as I’ve been able to introduce myself and become friendly with the other journalists at the campus. Still, while I am not feeling too awkward or uncomfortable with how today went, I cannot help but to be discomforted at something that hangs in my room right now.

There is a round, dome shaped light right above the door of my room that annoys me. Excluding the flat, rectangular lights nailed onto the shelf of the two desks in the dorm, this is the only light in the room, and it is not doing well at keeping the dark out. Sure, the light has a brightness fine enough to beam like a white, flaming comet, but its unfortunate spot at the front of the room means that the rest of our dorm has been tainted with obscure silhouettes stained to the carpet, while the closets are cast with an eerie, darkened gray.

What can be heard in this room is not the chatter of two girls among each other, but instead a quiet humming of the stout black fan on my drawer and the sounds of her fingers brushing against the laptop, as both of us are working on a suitable blog entry to post on the site. There is a peculiar contrast of color in our room; on her side of the room everything has dark, gray hues, while on my side of the room, everything is blue, from the bed covers to the towel hanging on a rack. (Is the recycling bin mine and the trash bin hers?)

Writing on my room is drab, and I hope that my roommate and I can make it more colorful. Right now, we haven’t spoken, and all is a dull gray.

Not a bright situation

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