Sydnee and me sitting in the stands! (Photo by Kerri Kolensky)

By Kerri Kolensky

Day three was the most eventful day for the Greene Team so far! The day started with another photography lesson from John Williams, who gave us tips on strengthening our portrait skills. After that, the five individual teams that make up the Greene Team got to meet and brainstorm ideas on what to feature for our first story package, which took place at a Ducks game in Bethpage Ballpark.
For me, the most rewarding part of our day was getting to work with my team members. Each person did their part extremely well, and everything ran very smoothly. Interviewing people was also a lot of fun, especially getting to talk to the kids at the game, who were extremely excited to be on camera. Every person that we interviewed offered a unique perspective about the questions that we asked them that will be great to use in our story. I can’t wait to see how our footage turned out when editing starts!

Our first assignment: Ducks stadium
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