By Kyria Moore

As the out work concludes this Friday afternoon, I am very proud to say that WE ARE OFFICIALLY FINISHED! We handed in all packages, fully edited and proofed and our work looks AMAZING!  The way all the video footage came together to create one story gave us all a since of pride. My team and I worked really hard on these stories and, hopefully, it shows. This moment is kind of bittersweet because all though the heavy work load is off our shoulders, I had a lot of fun during the process and will miss the hilarious, fun moments with my team. All and all, this experience is one I will carry with me down the road and assured me that I 100% want to continue this profession. I’ve learned so much that I will definitely apply to my high school career as a journalist. Also being in an environment where everyone is hard at work makes you appreciate your work even more, once completed.  I appreciate the many mentors that spoke to us that gave us advice on journalism as a career. They provided us with skillful information that I believe all journalists need. It was such a blessing to be a part of such a wonderful experience that can give you a whole insight to what’s ahead for you. This career is essential to the people and I view it with high respect. What makes it 10 times better is that  you get to share this experience with people who understand this profession and have a passion for it, just as much as you do. I’ll miss Greene Team 2017!!

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