By Brandon Ortega

Where do I begin on today? We started right away on completing our Ducks story, and already starting on our Dr. Marisa Bisiani story.

Coby and I spent time working on the script and editing the video for the Ducks story, while our other teammates Ebony, Danielle, and Sydnee were working on the article and editing bits of the script as well. I wanted to be able to do the voice over because I’ve never had the experience of going into a sound booth and recording my own voice.

When the script was approved and ready for track, I immediately went into the sound booth and started to record. It was a bit of a struggle because I would not correctly say certain words, which then I had to keep repeating until I got full clarity. It was also a little pressure to not speak too loud into the mic because then the voice over wouldn’t sound as professional. I relaxed, let my shoulder loose and eventually got my lines right.

Later on, our team went to the student health services and the campus’ recreation center to get footage and complete the interview with Dr. Marisa Bisiani. We got a whole bunch of B-roll of the rec center and one of the exam rooms from the infirmary. When we interviewed the current VP of health and wellness, I remember how polite she was and her having such a great personality.

We finished off the day by doing last minute touches on our project and move up steps ahead from our deadline.

A hard day’s work
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