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Ward Melville High School

Rising senior Jacob “Coby” Shapiro from Commack High School has experience working on videos for his high school news channel, but hopes that the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists will allow him to explore more opportunities in journalism.

“I think journalism is important because people need to be informed and people don’t have time on a daily basis to find out what happened that day.” he said. “Especially because of work, but also because big things happen all over the world that people need to be informed about and can’t be without journalism.”

An aspiring “behind-the-scenes type of person,” Coby’s work lies behind the camera. In two video production classes he has taken, he has worked on videos for his school news channel, Commack Television Network.  He has worked in many different situations, saying, “I created a video on a local farm that my school district owns, and how there used to be a local stadium/arena right near where I live.” His classes offered a variety of projects for him to explore, including creating infomercials, public service announcements, and reenactments of movie scenes.

In his free time, Coby works on videos for school and for YouTube. His projects have included skits, gaming videos and even some Lego animations. “I tend to take a long period of time,” he said. “But if I sit down and just work on it, I can finish a video in 5 hours on average.”

The time it takes for Coby to finish a project varies depending on the effort required, and he admits there are some nuisances when it comes to making videos. “I don’t love how many different types of file formats there are and how not all of them work on every editor,” Coby said.

Although he expressed interest in working for television, Coby said he is still relatively new to the world of journalism. He’s also active in his school’s chess club and radio club.

It was his mom and his uncle that encouraged him to try the Greene program. “Robert Greene was a great journalist and role model,” said Lisa Kreiswirth, Coby’s mom. “It would be an honor for Coby to learn from the way Mr. Greene lived journalism.” Additionally, she said, “The program also gives Coby the opportunity to live on a college campus and learn at such a great school.”

Coby said he wants to learn many skills from the program and hopes that he will be able to use the knowledge for a potential career in journalism. “I hope I will have a job where I am happy and I am able to use the tips, tricks and techniques I have learned at the summer program,” Coby said.

Coby Shapiro: At ease behind the camera

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