By Khadija Banure
Leaders High School

As a young child, Jameson Adam Jr. loved to create and write music as a source of self-expression.

“I started writing when I was 10 and stories at 13,” said the 17-year-old Amityville Memorial High School senior. “I love putting my thoughts into words and letting others read because it’s like they’re walking around in a world I created.”

Growing up in Amityville, Long Island, he played lots of football with his family and watched a lot of anime. He found his voice in creating music and writing manga, which is writing out the scene of a play instead of drawing it. He uses manga and music to help break through his reserved personality.  “I’m very shy but once I get comfortable I can be very fun. I like to write short stories, and write manga and, since I can’t draw, I write out the scenes. I rap and write music and I also like to design clothes,” Jameson said.

“My fav thing about myself is that I can get deep in thought and come up with theories or conclusions for situations.”

He decided to apply to the Robert W. Greene Institute for High School Journalists ”because it’s close to home and I’ve heard really great things about Stony Brook college itself. Also I’ve been on a tour of the journalism section of Stony Brook before this and since then I knew this is where I’d want to be.”

In high school his favorite class is social studies, and he also plays football with his peers to stay active.  During his social studies class he loves learning about history. He learned to develop his work in a more coherent and organized way in his English class.

Jameson says his friends would describe him as “an introvert who loves to create.” When Jameson writes music, he asks his friends for their opinion. His parents are very supportive as well. Jameson’s younger brother, Chris, thinks his brother would be a great journalist “because he knows how to write very well, and loves to ask questions.” Jameson’s mom, Margaret, added, “I feel he’d be a great journalist because as a child I noticed he’d always watch his surroundings and I’d notice him take mental notes on things. I feel that’d be a great trait to have as a journalist and also he loves to write. He’s been writing stories since he was eight.”

Jameson has big dreams after college. “I want to either be interning for Complex magazine or already writing for them while having my manga published.” Complex is a publication that highlights pop culture, hip hop and fashion.

“There are many hidden things in this world and also many lies,” Jameson said. “We, as the new age, can change things by bringing things to light and bringing out truth. Also our writing can spark others creatively and inspire them to begin putting their imagination on paper.”

Jameson Adams Jr.: Introvert who loves to create

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