By Brandon Ortega

The Robert W. Greene program has definitely opened my eyes to broadcast journalism, as today we went to a TV studio of the School of Journalism at Stony Brook. We had the opportunity to go in front of the camera and behind the scenes. It was such a different experience for me.

When our teams, Groups 4 and 5, went to the TV studio, I quickly developed an adrenaline rush to work on the set. I raised my hand as fast as I can to be selected as an anchorman.

As I approached the set, I was mesmerized by all the bright lights and the anchor’s desk. I was really focused on all the small details that contributed to the TV studio as well. When I sat down at the anchor’s chair, I felt like Anderson Cooper on CNN. While I was preparing my lines, I was noticing all the other jobs that must be completed to have a successful live news footage; the camera, the teleprompter control, the reporters and the weather reporters. And who can forget about the floor director? QUIET ON THE SET !!!

After playing the anchor, I wanted to work as floor director, whose job is not as easy as it looks. Next, I went on to do other TV studio jobs that really intrigued me.

Besides print journalism, I wouldn’t mind having some experience in the real TV world behind the scenes!


TV studio experience

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