A week to remember

Me and some of my new friends relaxing after finishing our news packages.

As the Greene Team sat down for one last dinner together, we couldn’t help but observe how different this meal was from our first together (except, or course, for the pizza). Just five days ago, some of us had never spoken to each other, and I certainly didn’t think I would have the courage to introduce myself to anyone, but it’s amazing how deadlines, a ball game and lack of sleep can bring people together.








Our photography instructor, John Williams, showed me that this picture I took that I had initially thought was flawed was actually a hidden gem. One of my favorite memories from this week.

While most people probably won’t miss the early mornings and late nights, I wouldn’t be surprised if a few weeks, months or years from now we found ourselves longing for more news-over-breakfast, or our after-curfew dorm parties. In one week, we became a team. And not just any team… a Greene Team. I am incredibly proud and honored to say I was a part of it.


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