And it begins!

The Greene experience is underway, and it is going great! This morning so far has been filled with so many learning opportunities and I am loving every second of it -it definitely makes getting up at the crack of dawn worth it- I had the chance to make so many new friends last night, and it was awesome spending time with everyone today in “our element.” We ate breakfast together in the dining hall, and had the chance to read different newspapers to get more insight about not only what is happening in the world around us, but about all of the different ways to write and deliver news stories. I learned how to report, and the techniques to strengthen and enhance my reporting overall. Soon, I will be editing the profile I wrote with a former Newsday editor previous to coming to the Greene Institute. I am really getting a true feel of what it would be like to work in a newsroom one day, and it is so exciting to me. Later on today, we are taking a photo and video class, which I am so excited to participate in, being that those are two areas of journalism that I have yet to explore. I am anxious to explore all of the new aspects of journalism throughout the rest of my time here.

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