Crazy last days

The past couple of days have been anything but calm. Everyone has deadlines to meet which leaves us all stressed and extremely tired by the time we clock back into our dorms. It has been raining lately, so our rooms have cooled down a bit.

On Wednesday night, we attended the Ducks game at Bethpage Ballpark. We didn’t go just for fun, we went to cover it for a news package we are all working on. My team (Team 3) is covering a story on the baseball clinic that is offered for young kids.

We took still photos and conducted videoed interviews which we then used to write a story  and put together a video on the clinics. My team works very well together and we all delegate our tasks to “divide and conquer.”

My biggest struggle has been video. I have never worked with a video camera before or edited a news video so this has definitely been a major learning experience.

We are currently working on a different package about Faces and Places which is an art exhibit in arts center on campus.

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