Day 5 adventure with the Greene Team

It was a long Day 5 here, and I wasn’t expecting the craziness at the newsroom today.

After breakfast, we all made our way to the newsroom, where we had the amazing opportunity to participate in a press conference on the topic of ending gun violence. I was nervous to pose a question, and I learned how to properly write your notes like quotes and some information about what they are saying. Sometimes it’s easier to record the conference, but I feel it’s up to the reporter and what they feel comfortable.

After this amazing and powerful press conference, we took a quick lunch break before getting all our Long Island Ducks packages together. It was a little challenging to work on this piece.  All afternoon, my partner and I were writing down the time codes of the quotes we want to put in our video piece.

Later this evening, we got taught in just 45 minutes the beginning shortcuts of video editing. After that we headed over to East Side dining to have some dinner. My group and I then walked back to the newsroom and got our questions set for our next piece with Cole the filmmaker.

Cole and me

After a 12-hour day, we finally came back to Benedict and showered, chilled in our dorms and went to sleep at 12:20 a.m.!

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