Day One with the Greene Team

Today marks the completion of my first 24 hours with the Greene Team. It’s funny because it hasn’t been that long since my parents first hugged me goodbye in my dorm room, but already looking back at where I was when I came in I can see progress. When I first got in the room I was nervous and quite frankly a little bit grossed out. As a stranger to public living facilities, I missed my home and my bed and my own food.

That changed, luckily, as I was enveloped by the wonderful people I’ve met. The people here are warm and passionate about the same things I am, and until I finally experienced it in this program I was blind to how nice it is to sit in a room and hash out ideas with likeminded people.

I am excited to get hands-on with writing and really dive into what this program will offer me. I’m also very excited about interviews, which is something we covered today. I have always been a people person, and I love talking to others and connecting. Interviewing is a great way to do that, and as someone who has never been shy I feel as though I will be good at this component of reporting.

College life so far has been fun as well. As I mentioned previously, I was nervous and craving home when I first walked into my residence hall. However, dorm life is fun and allows you to connect with people. Every challenge that may have arisen has been met with teamwork from those around me and I am lucky to be in such a supportive environment.

I still have most of the week left with the Greene Team, and I stare ahead to the next few days with determination to accomplish many things with my team and a strong will to learn and take in all this wonderful program has to offer.

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