Day three and four

On day three, we started by taking portraits using the still camera. Then we learned more about how to shoot videos by doing mini-videos. One thing that I understood is that you can’t just point and shoot. You have to really think about how you want to tell a story using photos and videos. It was not as easy as it looks. That day is the day that I started getting used to news over breakfast. In the beginning, it was uncomfortable to have a large paper on the table next to my food.

Our fourth day was my favorite. We had the opportunity to put together a newscast. learning with professionals. On the broadcast, you had two anchors making an announcement. Then the anchors introduced the reporter as well the weather person. There were several jobs done to accomplish one broadcast. Being in those seats was an immense privilege. I got to be the anchor and the camera girl. I also got to work in the control room to do some of the “behind-the-scenes” work. It was impressive to see the amount of work needed to do a two-minute newscast.

We then went to Newsday to see how a real newsroom works and all that goes into producing a newspaper. After that, we went to Bethpage Ballpark to conduct field work for stories on the Long Island Ducks. My team chose to cover the summer jobs opportunities at the Stadium.

It was really entertaining to walk around the stadium and find opportunities to take a shot of something or someone.

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