Day Two

Our second day at the program was pretty intense but also very interesting. I own a camera, and I have never thought of all the different step you had to go through to take a picture. I would usually just set my camera on automatic and let it do all the work for me. Today was totally different. I had to worry about ISO, shutter speed, and F-stop all at once — it was compelling. After being outside taking pictures, we went back inside to observe and see what we had to improve. In my case, it was on the lighting. My pictures were over exposed.

Another category we worked on today was videography. A motto that we have been introduced to was “action, reaction,” which is to capture someone taking a picture by example, and then capture what they take in the picture. It was truly exciting to have a hands-on experience of the topics we heard our professors spend so much time talking about. Before all that, we were briefly introduced to reporting and interviewing.

This picture shows the main issue that I had when I started using the camera. My pictures were over exposed. (photo by Caroline Ledoux)


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