Final farewell

Carefully watching the view finder during the Long Island Ducks press conference.

The Whole Greene Team of 2018!

This past week at Stony Brook University’s Robert W. Greene Summer Institute, I’ve learned so much about my potential in the journalism career. Through interaction and close mentoring with the professionals from Newsday and Stony Brook Univerity’s School of Journalism, I was able to carefully observe my mistakes, strengths and weaknesses in writing, photography and videography. During the process, slight mishaps motivated me to progressively work harder. The dedication from my fellow team members revealed how important this career is for our generation. I believe that in the future, people will be better informed knowing that there are journalists like us who seek justice, and truth. Every question made known, whether it be during a press conference, news briefing or daily discussion, have all raised valuable discussions around worldwide issues. My eyes have been opened wider and I will continue to share the skills I’ve learned to my own school. Thank you to everyone involved in the Greene Team of 2018!

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