From doubter to doer

Throughout this week, I’ve been surprised by how much of a fun and enriching learning experience it’s been. The program was meticulously planned, teaching us all aspects of journalism.

Learning the stressful and fast-paced field of news broadcasting has been particularly memorable. We learned the logistics of being in front of and behind the camera. I was engrossed in how the control room works. Each individual has dozens of buttons to press at various times, and they have to communicate with others in the room and to the cameraman at the film site.

We reported on the Long Island Ducks as they played the New Britain Bees Wednesday. Photo by Yash Kumar. (July 18, 2018)

I was surprised how many people are actually needed to tell the evening news, and how crucial each person is to the whole production.

Another highlight of my week here at Stony Brook was when we attended the Long Island Ducks game. It was a stressful time, trying to film people in the gift shop for B-roll, finding good candidates for interviews and getting the spelling of every person interviewed. When we finally finished reporting, I was able to get food and sit down with my friends Matt Quanand and Sebastian Germosen and watch the closing moments of the game.

Regarding leisure time, I am going to miss the dorm life and all of the friends I have made. Whether it was playing cards in the lounge late at night or eating breakfast and telling jokes, I’ve created strong friendships that would usually take months to develop. Coming into the program, I was shy and scared to open up, but things improved rapidly, and I’ve made very close friends in Matt and Sebastian. We soon found out about our many common interests, from sports to social media. Soon, I was comfortable around everyone on the team.

I’ve had great learning experiences with some kind and helpful experts in various journalism fields. I’ve also made several friends who brought out the best of me, and the program. I hope to apply this knowledge in my school’s newspaper and also keep in touch with many of my friends in the program.

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