Getting to know people and some fundamentals

Taylor Yon, Meghan Reilly and Zoe Gordon are among the new friends I’ve made at the Greene Institute. Photo by Jennifer Cirigliano

The first full day is going by fast. Yesterday we had a meeting discussing all the topics we can use for our articles throughout the week. After that, we ate pizza and then were allowed to to get ice cream, which helped a lot of us to talk, learn names and get to know the people were going to be spending a whole week with.

It was interesting learning about everyones thoughts and environments before coming into the program and how they prepared.

Today we were all woken up by a really loud knock at the door around 6:30 a.m., making us all have to roll out of bed after the tiring day yesterday. We then got breakfast and had a lesson on interviewing and got really good ideas and information to help us for the week and for the future when writing articles and for when some of us become journalists.

I’m so happy to have gotten this experience and met new people. I can’t wait for all the fun things going on for the rest of the week and to show off my progress in the end.

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