Lights, camera, action!

One of the highlights of the Greene program was the chance to work in front of and behind the cameras of Stony Brook University’s broadcast studio. As someone who had never appeared on TV before, it was more than a little intimidating. However, it proved to be a valuable learning experience—and much less scary than I had anticipated.

It was really interesting to experience not just one or two, but three different jobs in the studio. The hands-on learning we got to do was something that budding journalists like us Greene students dream of. It also taught us that there’s so much more that goes into the production of a show than what appears on screen. There was truly a job for everyone, and without people in every job the show simply wouldn’t be possible.

I think that this experience also showed us that mistakes will inevitably happen, but how you respond to them is what people will remember. I’m very glad to say I walked away from this experience with all good memories.


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