Marking a decade of Bob Greene’s legacy

For the past 10 summers, we’ve been amazed that two dozen teenagers come together as strangers at the beginning of a hot week in July and go home forever changed — all because of the grueling Greene bootcamp experience. And for the past 10 summers we, as the organizers of a program created as a tribute to a legendary journalist, are inspired by the young people whose names we barely know who entrust us to teach them best practices.

The journey that Greene Team members complete is one fraught with heavy workloads and hot residence halls, new terms to remember and new gadgets to master, cranky parental figures and award-winning role models, complex relationships to navigate and friendships to cherish — all on hardly enough  sleep.

It’s a challenge for you and for us. But we look forward to the end product, the Greene Gazette website bearing all of your writings, your proud pictures and blog postings, the buzz in the newsroom as you bargain for more words or try to perfect that last video before trudging off to the residence hall for the night, fatigued but satisfied.

It’s been said before but ours is labor of love, adoration for Robert W. Greene and the legacy he has left us with his work and his work ethic.

We bake both of those Greene ingredients into this program you have just finished and feel certain that you will go off into the world as better journalists and citizens for the lessons you have learned inside the newsroom, in the baseball stadium and during news over breakfast.

It has been an honor for us to do what we can for the past 10 summers to help teach the newest Greene Team class what we have learned from people like Bob, who took the time to assist legions of journalists. And it’s because of him — and the joy he found in teaching the next generation behind him — that we return each summer to greet and teach two dozen or so teenagers who never fail to leave us without changing us for the better.

-Zack and Cathrine



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