On our last day, lots of editing, then we take in a film festival movie

It’s almost 11 a.m., and my team and I have been busy editing videos, photos and scripts to meet our upcoming deadline.

Our Long Island Ducks story is almost finished, and in a few minutes we will head out for our interview with the gallery assistant of the Paul W. Zuccaire photo gallery. The “Faces and Places” exhibit is showing until July 28 and starting up again on Aug. 27.

Tonight we head to the Zuccaire gallery reception and hope to interview Mrs. Kellerman, who is a Stony Brook University alumna and the donor of these photographs.

We will finish out the day with lots of editing for our art gallery story and a movie showing at the Stony Brook Film Festival.

Tomorrow we have a bit of a later start and we’ll start packing up all of our dorm rooms so we’re ready to go home.

It’s been an amazing experience working as a member of the Greene Team, and one I am unlikely to experience again. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be surrounded by so many professional journalists, as well as 25 like-minded, incredibly talented humans.



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