Our hard work is paying off

As my time here is comes to an end, I am reflecting on how much I have learned and grown this week.

I came into this program not knowing anything about journalism being that I was self-taught. I am leaving with knowledge about the ins-and-outs of journalism.

Today is going to be a chaotic and crazy day as we all rush to meet tonight’s deadline. As much as I have doubted that we would all be able to complete our work by this time at a high caliber, I can now see all off the pieces falling into place.

It is astonishing to me to be able to see all of the work that goes into producing a newspaper. It is even more amazing to see all of our hard work is paying off.

As insane as the newsroom is, we all have worked together and gotten a lot of laughs and memories out of this week.

Without the guidance provided to all of us by the professionals brought in to mentor us, and Cathrine and Zach, none of this would be possible.


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