Sad that it’s almost over, but grateful for the experience

‘FACES AND PLACES: Photographs from the Kellerman Family’ is showing at the Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery.

So it’s Friday and I’m not going to lie—I’m kinda sad. I really enjoyed my experience here and I made some great friends. At night, after long days of working hard, all the boys got together and played cards in the dorms. And even though we’ve all just met each other, it’s as if we have known each other for years.

I also learned a lot about shooting video and video editing, and I learned so much more about photography.

For my second project was assigned to write about a photo gallery called “FACES AND PLACES: Photographs from the Kellerman Family,” a collection of more than 60 photos by well-known fine art and documentary photographers. The gallery is being shown at the The Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery on the first floor of the Staller Center for the Arts. I’m going try my best, and with the help from my team and everyone here, I know it’ll be good.

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