Several Days Later…

During this summer program I have learned a lot, starting with the resident-hall assistant sounding like a serial killer when she knocks on my door in the morning. I learned that operating a camera is way harder than it looks. I also learned that journalism is a whole lot more than writing. I was doing a lot of photography, which I’m used to, but the equipment we used here was new to me. I like doing all the behind the scenes stuff, but I hate being on camera. When I was a news anchor for a broadcast lesson, I was absolutely mortified. Can I just say … never again.

Today was especially fun because I ended up writing two articles in a little over two hours. I’ve never written an article under such an exact time restriction before. My journalism teacher gave us deadlines, sure, but they weren’t that strict. At home, I’d do most of my article writing at night in my room so that they were ready the next day. Ever since I got here I’ve been really anxious about getting to the writing. I know that I’m supposed to try new things. I’ve done that without a complaint, but today was literally the best day I’ve had so far. I could really do this all day. These computers make it even more fun because you can have a lot of windows open at the same time on the wide Mac screens. I arranged two tabs for research on either side and had a word document open in the middle.

Today is also going to be great because someone told me that the chicken Alfredo is amazing, and I haven’t really had anything mouth-watering here yet.

I’m also excited to sleep-not going to lie.

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