The Last Full Day

This week has been filled with laughter, smiles and the sound of typing on the desktops in the newsroom. Many of us throughout the week have grown in journalism and friendship. Being with each other 24 hours a day has made us become our own family away from home, and made this experience even more memorable for the Greene Team.

The past few days have given us an experience that most people wouldn’t have, and helped us figure out what we want to do in life. The Long Island Ducks game was one of the most interesting activities in the camp because of the real journalism experience we were getting out of it. Being able to walk around the park and using the knowledge we learned in lessons the previous few days really made me feel like we were real journalists getting interviews for a news package.

Today we finished our two packages with our groups and started to say our goodbyes trying to make our final memories for the week. We all made sure to get every social media account and numbers from all 25 people in the group to make sure we keep the Greene Team experience going, even after we leave.

Our final diner together really made me remember just how much I’m going to miss all of these people I’ve made connections with, including Rick and Catherine. Going around the room and sharing our final thoughts and things we’re going to miss brought tears to most peoples’ eyes who also realized how much they’re going to miss this program and the experience it gave them. Because of the Greene team editors, alumni, and volunteers who came out to teach us the ins’s and out’s of journalism, it was a fun learning experience.

Im proud to say that I’ve became more confident in my work and am ready to bring these experiences with me to school and other future oppertunities that come my way. I’m going to miss my new Greene team family and can’t wait to come back as an alumni and share my experiences with others.

(photo by Jianni Burnett)

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