Sad that it’s almost over, but grateful for the experience

‘FACES AND PLACES: Photographs from the Kellerman Family’ is showing at the Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery.

So it’s Friday and I’m not going to lie—I’m kinda sad. I really enjoyed my experience here and I made some great friends. At night, after long days of working hard, all the boys got together and played cards in the dorms. And even though we’ve all just met each other, it’s as if we have known each other for years.

I also learned a lot about shooting video and video editing, and I learned so much more about photography.

For my second project was assigned to write about a photo gallery called “FACES AND PLACES: Photographs from the Kellerman Family,” a collection of more than 60 photos by well-known fine art and documentary photographers. The gallery is being shown at the The Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery on the first floor of the Staller Center for the Arts. I’m going try my best, and with the help from my team and everyone here, I know it’ll be good.

Corianna Jackson: From fiction to journalism

By Matthew Quan
Longwood High School

For Corianna Jackson, writing has been a passion since the age of 12.

At first, the 17-year-old Brentwood High School senior wrote general fiction. After a while, she started to get into fan fiction, which is writing a continuation of previously-known story. She met other people with similar interests with whom she could share ideas.

In 11th grade, Corianna took a journalism course. Her journalism teacher praised her writing, even though her English teacher didn’t like her writing at all. “She thought it was trash,” Corianna said. She recalled her journalism teacher, Kelly Buonaspina, told her, “I am sure I am not the first teacher to be impressed by you – and I won’t be the last.”

Corianna also worked on her school paper and started to publish her own fiction stories on an app called Wattpad so people could read her work. More than 110,000 people are doing that already. “A lot of people say that they like my writing,” Corianna said.

Diane Jackson, Corianna’s mother, is one of those people. “Her writing is very mature and gets better each time,” she said. “I’m very impressed with her.”

Besides her writing, Corianna has sung and played the piano for years, which she said has helped her cope with being painfully shy. All the while, she has remained an honor student.

Jackson said her daughter “would aspire to be a great writer or engineer, but she loves music and writing.”

Corianna said she doesn’t know where she wants go to college, but she still has another year to figure it out. She has no idea what she wants to study but is interested in journalism.

Her journalism teacher was the one who insisted that she should apply for the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists.

“I expect to gain more writing experience to further my skills,” Corianna said.

Great start

So, this morning was exciting. When I got up, I surprisingly didn’t feel so tired. I honestly expected to be exhausted in the morning, but that’s only because I’m not a morning person. Moving on, breakfast was good. I got to eat and go through the news until the first lesson. Then, when the lesson started, I learned a lot of great things I didn’t know before and I’m excited to learn more. I also can’t wait for when we take pictures. Today has been a good day and I can’t wait for what’s coming next.