Learning from the best on the first day

We’re off to a great start at The Robert W. Greene Summer Institute!

From American Journalist Katie Couric to Larry King, The Greene Team has been learning great tips on conducting interviews from the best in the business. We’ve learned that journalists all have their own independence and styles, that makes us all unique. When we start off with the 5 W’s and follow the inverted pyramid method, we start off with great structure for our readers. I’ve learned so much on the first day and I look forward to the rest of the week.

Breakfast, news, Phil and Bill, Trump and Putin, and Greene

It’s good to be Greene. Today is the first day and I’m excited. Breakfast was good, especially while reading the news, which is usually what I do every day. I’ve met great people and I already feel like I’ve known them for so long.

Today we talked about interviewing skills with Zach and general information about news with Cathrine. We met Phil, who seemed like a really cool guy, and Bill, the editor of our profiles. I write this blog, thinking about the Trump and Putin summit and MLB All-Star Week.

Great start

So, this morning was exciting. When I got up, I surprisingly didn’t feel so tired. I honestly expected to be exhausted in the morning, but that’s only because I’m not a morning person. Moving on, breakfast was good. I got to eat and go through the news until the first lesson. Then, when the lesson started, I learned a lot of great things I didn’t know before and I’m excited to learn more. I also can’t wait for when we take pictures. Today has been a good day and I can’t wait for what’s coming next.

Learning about conducting a perfect interview

Waking up at 6 A.M. today did not feel so good. However, after eating a quick breakfast, my brain finally had some power to push through the day.

We went to the newsroom for the first time this morning and began learning all things regarding interviewing. Something that caught my eye that I wrote down during the lesson was to always take notes during an interview so you don’t ever have to rely on your recording. Zach said recorders are not always reliable 100 percent of the time. Plus, it takes a good deal of time to transcribe recordings.

Another thing that I took note of was to always be a gracious host when conducting interviews. We watched a video on Katie Couric, a well-known and respected reporter, discuss how she conducts the perfect interview. She said that she always tries to act warm and friendly when meeting her subject. However, Couric said she changes her tone and the way she speaks depending on who the subject is.

And it begins!

The Greene experience is underway, and it is going great! This morning so far has been filled with so many learning opportunities and I am loving every second of it -it definitely makes getting up at the crack of dawn worth it- I had the chance to make so many new friends last night, and it was awesome spending time with everyone today in “our element.” We ate breakfast together in the dining hall, and had the chance to read different newspapers to get more insight about not only what is happening in the world around us, but about all of the different ways to write and deliver news stories. I learned how to report, and the techniques to strengthen and enhance my reporting overall. Soon, I will be editing the profile I wrote with a former Newsday editor previous to coming to the Greene Institute. I am really getting a true feel of what it would be like to work in a newsroom one day, and it is so exciting to me. Later on today, we are taking a photo and video class, which I am so excited to participate in, being that those are two areas of journalism that I have yet to explore. I am anxious to explore all of the new aspects of journalism throughout the rest of my time here.

‘Ins and Outs’ of Reporting and Interviewing

Today we focused on reporting and interviewing; what makes a successful reporter, a review on proper etiquette on the web, types of interviews, and so on. It was great to build onto my knowledge of interviewing which I’ve learned in the past few years from my media class. However, I can’t wait to get my hands on a camera and start getting great footage.

Day One with the Greene Team

Today marks the completion of my first 24 hours with the Greene Team. It’s funny because it hasn’t been that long since my parents first hugged me goodbye in my dorm room, but already looking back at where I was when I came in I can see progress. When I first got in the room I was nervous and quite frankly a little bit grossed out. As a stranger to public living facilities, I missed my home and my bed and my own food.

That changed, luckily, as I was enveloped by the wonderful people I’ve met. The people here are warm and passionate about the same things I am, and until I finally experienced it in this program I was blind to how nice it is to sit in a room and hash out ideas with likeminded people.

I am excited to get hands-on with writing and really dive into what this program will offer me. I’m also very excited about interviews, which is something we covered today. I have always been a people person, and I love talking to others and connecting. Interviewing is a great way to do that, and as someone who has never been shy I feel as though I will be good at this component of reporting.

College life so far has been fun as well. As I mentioned previously, I was nervous and craving home when I first walked into my residence hall. However, dorm life is fun and allows you to connect with people. Every challenge that may have arisen has been met with teamwork from those around me and I am lucky to be in such a supportive environment.

I still have most of the week left with the Greene Team, and I stare ahead to the next few days with determination to accomplish many things with my team and a strong will to learn and take in all this wonderful program has to offer.

Exploring more photojournalism

Today, after news at breakfast, we started right in on photo day 2! Before I came here, I had no experience with photography in the slightest. While it is challenging to learn all of the different features that the camera has, and how to properly use all of them, it still proves to be a lot of fun. I am getting the hang of it the more time that I spend playing around with the camera and its settings. So far, we have explored photographing different patterns and how to make them look more interesting and we learned about the rule of thirds. I am enjoying every second of learning all of these new techniques, even thought at times, it can get confusing. John Williams, a photo editor at Newsday, is so helpful!! I’m ecstatic to learn even more about it the rest of the week.

Second day with the Greene Team!

Today was an interesting day. Waking up at 6 a.m. wasn’t really fun. We had some breakfast and started our day. One of my favorite lessons from today was the photography and video one. Even though I had experience from high school and have my own camera it was still awesome to learn new techniques. In the video lesson I learned so many new terms and techniques, and started to learn Final Cut Pro. It was a long day, but we still had fun in between classes!

An early start …

I love to sleep. I know it sounds weird but I can literally sleep off and through anything. To switch to a schedule where I wake up at 5:00 in the morning every day is totally different than what I’m used to, however it definitely has its perks. No one’s up. I can shower, get dressed and do everything else with no interruptions. No arguments over the shower, no moving my bags over for sink space. At 5:00 it feels as if the whole floor is mine. The first day with the Greene Team I felt so bad, because I was struggling to keep my eyes open. My sleep schedule was so messed up, but now that my body seems to be adapting. I feel up and energized for the day.

Anyway, if I had to rate my time here at Stony Brook so far out of ten it would earn a solid 9.2. I’ve learned so much in just one day. It’s funny how you think you know so much about a topic, but when you actually sit and talk with media professionals you discover you really didn’t know that much after all. I’m looking forward to the days to come, especially Wednesday when we visit Newsday.


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