Gun reform activists plan rally on July 29

After the Parkland tragedy in February, Caroline Suozzi felt a strong connection with the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. She saw students standing up to politicians, fighting for their right to live.

iDentifying LEGO robotics at iD Tech

The term “summer camp” usually conjures images of bonfires, cabins and s’mores. But at iD Tech, young campers create robots from scratch. Read More

Young activist's rallying cry

Andrew Goldman, a recent 18-year-old Syosset High School graduate, is not unfamiliar with the political scene and what it takes to make a social change.

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Grief and loss shaped young filmmaker’s picture


Calogero Carucci’s first movie was shot on a shoestring budget in just 13 days. Carucci, then 20 years old, was able to produce the full-length movie for $20,000, along with the help of family members and friends pitching in and helping with roles.

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Staller photo exhibit gives filmgoers a new perspective

Moviegoers attending the Stony Brook Film Festival this month are also in for a second visual treat. The Faces and Places: Photographs from the Kellerman Family exhibit at the Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery

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World War II veteran is a sight for sore eyes

Optician Sheldon Polan has always had a singular vision: making a difference in his community. For 10 years, Polan has volunteered weekly treating veterans at the Long Island State Veterans Home in Stony Brook

A Dentist at your doorstep

For dentist Rhona Sherwin, nothing matters more than helping children.

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Rain or shine, Ducks fans storm Bethpage Ballpark

Stephen Watkin was set to see the Long Island Ducks take on the Connecticut New Britain Bees with his wife, Paulette, on Tuesday – until it was postponed due to torrential rain.

The weather was still on his mind when he returned to Bethpage Ballpark in Central Islip for the rescheduled game Wednesday.

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Luck of the Ducks: Baseball team hosts Irish Heritage Night

At the Long Island Ducks game on Wednesday, July 18, Kathy Fels proudly wore an Irish hat that her husband had bought and decorated. She had put the hat away in a closet after his death, but since she was going to Irish night, she figured it was a good reason to bring it out.

Bethpage Park summer jobs offer variety, community connection

A man in an orange shirt selling Quacker whistles. A woman cheering when a fan wins a raffle prize. A teen walking up and down the aisles selling cotton candy to children in the stands. These are some of the summer employees you may see at Bethpage Ballpark in Central Islip, home to the Long Island Ducks.

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Kids will learn to play like a pro from the pros at Ducks summer baseball clinic

Michael Pfaff, president and general manager of the Long Island Ducks, has a simple yet exciting goal for the Ducks upcoming baseball clinic: “Learn to play like a pro from the pros.”

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Long Island Ducks bat for charity

The Long Island Ducks also try to hit home runs when it comes to charity. Special-edition jerseys from theAtlantic League All-Star Game are now being auctioned off in the Waddle In Shop at the stadium with the proceeds going to the team’s QuackerJack Foundation

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