Homesickness cured by jerk chicken and a surprisingly nice editor

The jerk chicken and rice and peas from Island Cuisine in the Emporium. Photo by Adeishe Bagaloo. (July 17, 2018)

Tuesday was my second day at the Greene Institute but I was already homesick because I missed mother.

The food lacked some things that I am used to, like Jamaican spices, and I was worried about what my editor Bill Bleyer would say about my profile after he had sent an initial email with direct comments that were a little intimidating. I wanted to go home.

Luckily, in person Bleyer was kind and reassuring and guided me how to improve my story.

Even better, the buffet we normally have at dinner was closed and we got to make our own food choices. The Jamaican buffet, Island Cuisine, caught my eye and I immediately went to check it out. I felt a little bit less homesick when I saw food that I love and I was excited to try it. I got rice and peas, jerk chicken and fried plantains. The food did not taste exactly like what I got at home but the Jamaican flavor in the mix made me happy.

The food at East Side Dining cured my homesickness.