Caroline Ledoux: An international journalism journey

By Rachel Schneider
Great Neck South High School

Caroline Ledoux has lived in France, Miami, Queens and now Long Island. She has also traveled to Canada, Belgium, French Guyana, Suriname and Germany.

All of which have provided the 17-year-old Roosevelt High School senior unique and diverse life experiences that have shaped her writing and photography.

“I see myself as journalist because I have always had a curious spirit,” Caroline explained.

She speaks French, which is her first language; German, which she learned at school in France; Creole, which she learned communicating with her grandmother in Miami; and English, as well, as when she came to the United States. Furthermore, she has also picked up some Spanish throughout her world journeys. Her ability to communicate in at least four different languages has helped satisfy her curiosity and has been a vehicle for Caroline to learn about others. Caroline is most interested in writing articles about topics that she can personally relate to and that can have an impact on others, especially other teens. “I have always loved asking questions to people about what they do, why they do it and what they get from doing what they do,” she said.

According to Caroline’s mother, Lunie Nelson, two words to describe her are “emotional and intuitive.”

Her interest in professional journalism was sparked by taking a media and communications class followed by advanced media her sophomore year. During these classes, Caroline realized her true passion was in photography and videography. “My favorite activity was when we would have to get out of the class and take pictures or video,” she said. “I realized that I love taking pictures of moments.”

Her cousin, Henry Nelson, said, “Her pictures are filled with so many wonderful opportunities.”

Caroline, an international traveler, is also an international athlete. She has played badminton, been captain of a European handball team, run track and now plays lacrosse for her high school.

Caroline will begin writing for her school newspaper next year and she hopes to expand her writing skill set and gain more experience while at the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for Journalists. When she was informed of her acceptance to the program, she said she was “excited that the work I had put in was worth it and for the opportunity to better myself.”