Achievement unlocked: Forever friends made

Making new friends and meeting new people was my main goal coming into this program and after one night, I could say my goal was achieved. I got acquainted with the girls in my residence hall and made instant connections with them. Even though it has only been one day, we are already planning beach days and trips to Tate’s Bake Shop in Southampton together.

Whenever there is free time, you can find us chatting about school, our personal lives or just random things to get to know each other better. This is funny because during check-in we stayed with our parents or had them close by for comfort, but after they left we all became social butterflies and would not stop making conversation.

At night, whether it is moving all of the couches from the lounge into a circle so we can all see see each other, or all cramming into one dorm room until the exact hour of 11 p.m. (our curfew) we are having fun together and becoming closer friends.

Spending time taking photos of each other Monday was fun and gave us a different experience than being in the residence halls. After only 24 hours, we talk like we have been together at Stony Brook University forever.

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