A rewarding first day at Greene

I began the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists on Monday. It’s a seven-day, residential program at Stony Brook University. Despite the unbearable heat, this experience has been very rewarding so far.

My new friend Zoe Gordon and I applying some photography techniques, taught to us by Newsday Photojournalist John Williams. Photo by Jaden Morello

It has been such a unique experience for me thus far, living away from home. I have never done anything like this before, and it is definitely pushing me outside of my comfort zone. Getting to know the fellow participants has been so much fun. All the students are eager to try new things and help each other along the way.

It has been amazing working with Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer John Williams. I have learned numerous techniques to enhance my photos, such as how to change the exposure and f-stops to create professional photos. These are valuable tools I would not have otherwise learned. This is what is making this experience so incredibly one of a kind.

I very much am looking forward to the rest of what this program has to offer. I can’t wait to actually participate in a news conference, and report on the Long Island Ducks on Wednesday. All these great educational opportunities, coupled with the friends I am making along the way, is serving as an insight into the fun and adventure the rest of this week will surely bring.

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