A picture perfect start

In only a short 24 hours, so much has happened and I already love this program and the people.

At first, going into Irving Hall, I was met with anxiety and heat. That quickly all went away when I entered the very air conditioned student lounge and got to talking with the rest of the students enrolled in the Greene Institute. That initial fear was gone when I learned how amazing the group of girls here are. There are only four boys but they are all great as well.

The first day we didn’t really do much besides organize what articles we wanted to produce this week and get to know each other. I am very glad for that because it gave me the chance to become comfortable with the people around me, to get to talk and really bond. Most of the girls, including myself, were all in one dorm room until lights out.

Sleeping was hot but not that bad since I had my fan blowing right on me the entire night, probably just like every other person in the building.

Going into the next day, we started our first real activity: photography. After learning all about the basics of exposure, we were supposed to pair up. We ended up instead all taking pictures of each other that came out great. If that’s the first activity I can’t wait for the rest.

My lens captured Sophia Seda during our photo lesson. Photo by Mia D’Alessandro

The 24 hours exceeded all expectations and I just hope that the next 24 hours and the rest after that are just as exceptional.

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