Amanda and the Greene Team: Day 2

Another day with Greene Team. How do I describe the second day? It was pretty good — but also a little long. It all started with the photography workshop. We learned how to use professional cameras. We learned when’s the best time to use proper lighting. When it comes to photo’s, lighting is a very significant factor. I’ve never actually worked with a camera before and I’m highly inexperienced but the photos I took didn’t turn out too be so bad. I took a lot of great pictures of my friends and they loved it a lot. I really do appreciate this class. It was nice to get a head start on my camera skills because I’m considering joining the yearbook club in 11th grade.

After photography class was the video shooting class. The class was actually pretty interesting. The professor gave us a lot of examples on news reports shown on news broadcasts. He demonstrated how we should try to keep viewers engaged in a news report and to report more than just the facts. He advises that we widen the story more with more details.

After a long but influential day, it was nice to enjoy the dorm with my roommate, Candace. Thank goodness the room was cooler!

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