Fast friends, fun experiences in only 24 hours at Greene

It’s been 24 hours since our parents dropped us off here at Stony Brook University, an experience so far is unlike anything I’ve ever done before. Monday has been amazing, and as my brain scrambles to write ledes and take photos, my heart is happy that I’ve found such good friends here.

I was undoubtedly nervous to be staying in an unknown place for a week, with people I barely knew and yet in less than 24 hours this has become my home away from home. The friends I’ve made are amazing, while they live everywhere from Long Island to Westchester to Florida, we are close in ways I’ve always hoped to be with friends.

The girls all crammed together in my room for a few hours of laughter before lights out. Photo by Julia Heming

We spent Monday morning shooting photos of our friends, giggling as we ran around campus and snapped cute and sometimes quirky shots of our newfound friends. The lessons helped my knowledge and understanding of how a camera functions. I learned how to get the best quality pictures as we adjusted aperture, ISO and shutter speed to accommodate the lighting, background and movement of our subjects.

This is me taking pictures while sitting one of Stony Brook University’s stunning fountains. Photo by Olivia Mintz.

I hope Tuesday will bring the same fun and joy that today brought, with more lessons, more assignments and more fun for our ever-growing friendships.

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