Learning about ledes at the Greene Institute

Sunday was a day of getting accustomed to dorm life and pushing past the awkward greetings.

Monday at the Greene Institute was quite literally a breath of fresh air, as temperatures cooled down the Greene Team buckled down as well.

After the breakfast (which included fruit, granola and anything else you could possibly imagine) was scarfed down by 25 teenagers, we got straight down to business.

The first two hours included a tutorial on how to use a camera which involved taking pictures of friends and learning the basics.

Later during the day I got to work on my feature and learn how to edit my work. This was definitely a valuable lesson and I think the main thing I would take away from the process is to make my stories short and to the point.

Finally, we had a discussion on what makes a story good. The lede in a story is definitely one of the most important aspects and the Greene Team dissected exemplar ledes and crafted our own.

I’m certainly glad that the heat wave is behind us, leaving space for new friends and journalistic endeavors.

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