Refreshed and ready

It’s the second day here at Stony Brook University and I woke up this morning feeling refreshed from having a good nights sleep (finally!) and ready to start the day.

We continued to practice photography and I developed a new found confidence when it came to actually working the camera. I have never in my life ventured into the world of photography, and over the past 2 days I have discovered I have a real interest in it which I was not expecting to have.

Practicing my photography skills. Photo credit: Lily McInerney

The rest of the day was spent toiling away in the Newsroom (which will be our home for the week). There is much activity as we work on profiles and gather information along with our team members for the Ducks game and our group projects.

I’m feeling just a little stressed but not too stressed — just the good type of stress from being extra busy.

Speaking of busy, I have to continue to revise my profile so bye until my next blog.

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