A Daunting Duck Day

Though the day started off jam-packed with exciting trips and adventures, it went by so quickly.

After a quick breakfast we all headed to Newsday to get an authentic feel of a journalist’s office space. From the Pulitzer Prize award wall and the pristine condition of old photographs, it’s no wonder I was completely starstruck today.

The photographs at Newsday featured moments from as early as the 1940’s. One of the most fascinating photographs I saw was a moment captured in the 1950’s. A police officer was standing beside a woman dressed in a pair of black shorts, holding a tape measure to the side of her legs. Underneath the photo, a caption explained that it was a regular occurrence that women were stopped on the street to have their shorts/skirts measured to fit an appropriate dress code. It is so fascinating that part of the journalist’s experience is capturing historically significant moments at any moment.

Our trip to the Ducks game successfully pushed me outside of my comfort one, despite my hesitancy at first. Working with my team, I was responsible for approaching random parents and children to interview throughout the stadium.

For a normally quiet and shy person, I quickly adapted to the peppy atmosphere of the stadium. Though small talk is not a strong suit of mine, I learned in the moment how to make people feel more at ease while on camera with a microphone held to their face. By the end of the day I became more comfortable talking to people of all ages and personalities.

As the week is slowly coming to an end, I’m starting to feel the pressure of all the work piling up by the hour. Though I am faced with a large work load on top of my regular school work, I’m grateful to realize what areas I am starting to excel at in terms of writing and photography.

This week has really opened my eyes in more way than one, as my identity as a writer continues to be altered and advanced.

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