Photo Picking Process

When you have over 200 pictures to go through on a deadline, it might be just a bit stressful.

Being the photographer for an upcoming article is a lot of hard work. During the interviews we had to do, I was told to take many pictures so I would have a lot to choose from. I might have gone overboard with this as I had taken 273 and I needed to pick about 10.

I went through each and every one, deleting those that were blurry and then again to delete those that were repetitive. The next time I went through I tagged the ones I believed were good enough to be the select few. I even made made myself a code, warmer color tags were more likely to be selected than cooler color tags.

After tagging them, I looked back at the final pictures, and noticed that I still had too many. So I went through those one final time and ended up with around 25 pictures.

I still have a lot to do such as editing them and running them by our team manager, but I know I can say I’ve been doing a pretty good job so far.

photo taken by Sophia Seda

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