Reporting for the first time and taking portrait shots

I have survived! Are you surprised? Going into today, I have high expectations. I just feel it’s incredible to be taught different skill sets by experienced people who work in this business. It’s truly an honor. John Williams taught us how to tackle portraits and headshots during this session of photography. Everyone seemed to enjoy posing in front of the camera during shooting. It was made clear today that we have a lot of photogenic people on the Greene Team this year. Model status!

Portrait of Jaden Morello
Shot by Olivia Mintz

My selected team and I were finally assigned our three-part story about the arts at Stony Brook for this website. We were the first team to have to go and start reporting today at the Jazz performance which is performed here on campus every Tuesday. My team and I experienced a lot of nerve-racking emotions, due to the fact that this was some of our first time showcasing our skills at a public event. Nevertheless, it went well and we got some great footage of the band and the people who attended. 

It was a jam-packed day full of lots of new opportunity and creativity. I really appreciated getting to know the rest of the Greene Team to a further extent, as well as going out and reporting for our story for the first time.

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